Beetroot Almond Relish


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Beetroot Almond Relish

Beetroot is the offspring of wild sea beet a plant with origins throughout the coasts of Europe, Africa, and India. India’s own history with beetroot is just as muddled through wild sea beet has grown on its soil for eons, it is said that domesticated species arrived as lately in 1950’s.

Since ancient times, the beet has been used for dyes, teas, and medicinal properties treating constipation, fevers, skin disorders, circulation, and even as an aphrodisiac

Deep, earthy flavor and a whole lot of crunch, but what is most loved about beetroot is the incredible color that can transform anything shocking pink. The overpoweringly vibrant hue makes it one of the most noticeable vegetables that can completely take over your dish. It comes from a pigment called betanin which is often extracted to create natural food coloring and dyes. Interestingly, beets were also used to add color to wines back in the day.

We at ‘Heritage On My Plate’ have prepared a unique relish to impress upon your taste buds- ‘Beetroot Almond Relish’. Since beet itself has a lot of natural sugar, very nominal amount of organic Sulphur-less Sugar is added. It is then laden with roasted almonds which provide that extra crunchy flavor to it. The Beetroot Almond Relish is perfect condiment for a healthy breakfast.


Beetroot Almond Relish is one of the signature products, specially crafted to enhance your snacking experience. Fresh Beetroots with a little bit of Organic Sulphur-less Sugar and the best quality roasted almonds are used.  No preservatives, No Additives are there.


The most powerful health benefits of beets include its ability to lower blood pressure, prevent cancer, cleanse the liver, treat anemia, increase stamina, and boost libido. They also prevent macular degeneration, improve blood circulation, aid in skin care, prevent cataract, build immunity, and treat respiratory problems. These benefits of beetroots can be attributed to their richness in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

The health benefits of almonds are extensive, and they are frequently used as a healthy solution for relief from heart and brain disorders, diabetes, constipation, respiratory disorders, coughs, anemia, and impotence. They also help with hair, skin and dental care.

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