We contemporize the experience of Heritage foods for you. This may sound a bit complex. Let us simplify it for you. India is the land of rich traditions, culture and a lot of delicious food and flavors. The recipes transcend from generation to generation. Every recipe cooked in Indian homes has a unique ‘Heritage Ingredient’ which either originates in India or has a special feature to it.

With our high-speed data-driven lives, modernity has taken over the traditional legacy of cooking and ingredients.

We at ‘Heritage On My Plate’ precisely attempt to unshackle those very traditional ingredients from the clutter of modern lifestyles. Make them simple and relatable in the present context. Therefore ‘contemporize’ them.

In the process, we are essentially attempting Conservation of India’s Food Tradition!

All our products are handcrafted in small scale, have a traditional value at heart, healthy and modern in character and our natural to the core!