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Indians are nature worshippers and Amla (Indian Gooseberry) has been regarded as the sacred tree in India.Amla revives those fond memories when your beloved grandmother used to make ‘Chywanprash’ or ‘Murabba’ in winters for consumption.

We at ‘Heritage On My Plate’ have prepared a simple Amla Chutney which can be used as a spread with virtually any snack! It is neither too sweet not too sour! Its unique and simple ingredients balance the ‘khatta-meetha’ flavor and add a unique zest to it which is reminiscent of our grandmother’s recipe.


Amle ki Chutney is sweet & tangy chutney. Only Organic Sulphur-less Sugar and Khajur (Date) Gur (Molasses) is used! No preservatives, No Additives are there.


Vishnu is believed to dwell in the Amla tree. The tree is worshipped on Amalaka Ekadashi.Amla is said to be originated from the drops of Amrit which spilled on earth accidentally, due to the fight of Gods and Demons after ksheerasagarmanthan. And hence it is said tocure diseases and is also good in extending the longevity of life.

In the Sanskrit Buddhist tradition half an Amalaka fruit (Amla) was the final gift to the Buddhist sangha by the great Indian emperor Asoka. This is illustrated in the Asokavadana. This deed became so famous that a Stupa was created to mark the place of the event in modern day Patna and was known as the Amalaka stupa.

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